ALLCOMB® is an internationally recognized brand manufacturing advanced honeycomb panels. We specialize in reinforced wall panel cladding system that incorporates the natural beauty of brick, large-format porcelain, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, sandstones and many more.

As an industry leader in high tech, lightweight honeycomb technology, which was originally designed for use in the aerospace industry, and that we now use to make the lightest, sturdiest panel systems including micro core honeycomb.

Our Manufacturing Plant

Our lightweight honeycomb panels and other products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our factory by skilled technicians using state of the art machinery to produce stunning products.

ALLCOMB® has a long established reputation for excellence in workmanship and customer service, and our skilled engineers and technicians take pride in sharing their fabrication expertise with our clients. Our main goal is to create timeless stone pieces, panels and products that exceed expectations and are guaranteed to withstand the elements.